Konektis | Brandon, MB

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Michelle Chyzyk
  |  Director
Justine Burke  |  Accompanist

The word “Konektis” comes from the language of Esperanto and means “connected.”  Indeed, the mandate of this dynamic choral group is to be connected to the music, the audience, and to each other. 

Konektis is in its third year of existence and this year’s edition includes many Brandon University students, community members, and local educators, including 19 who teach music. In 2016, two Konektis singers performed with the National Youth Choir.  Konektis is becoming well known for the wide variety of music they explore and their vibrant visual style.

 Many singers in this ensemble have been making music with their director Michelle Chyzyk since kindergarten.  Konektis has enjoyed some wonderful musical collaborations with high school ensembles in the Westman area and with Brandon’s Prairie Blend and Winnipeg’s Prairie Voices. This is their first trip together as an ensemble and they are excited to be in Banff with 37 of the group’s 46 members.