R.E. Mountain Senior Concert Band | Langley, BC

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R.E. Mountain Senior Concert Band
R.E. Mountain Secondary School is located on the outskirts of Vancouver in the rapidly growing area of Langley known as Willoughby. There are approximately 1,200 students in grades 8-12, but next year the school will change to a grade 9-12 school.

The music department has seen tremendous growth since Mr. Mills came to the school 11 years ago. Together with Ms. Williams, they lead 4 concert bands (Jr Concert Band 8, Advanced Band 8, Int. Concert Band 9, & Sr Concert Band), 3 jazz bands (Jazz Lab 8, Int Jazz Band, & Sr. Jazz Band, 2 concert choirs (Choir 8 & Sr Concert Choir), 2 chamber choirs, and 2 vocal jazz groups.

The Sr. Concert Band is made up of mostly grade 10 students, with a few grade 9, 11 & 12 students thrown in for good measure. In recent years, they have performed at the music festivals in Anaheim, Nelson, Sun Peaks, Whistler, and also local festivals such as Kiwanis, where they received invitations to MusicFest Canada. Unfortunately, they had to turn down this invitation, as they were busy preparing for the prestigious P.Floyd Festival (which is, of course, held on the dark side of the moon).

But through all of these experiences, they have learned that the Rocky Mountain Festival in Banff is in a league of its own, and is always our favourite destination and a highlight of the year!

They are thrilled to be back this year, and are honoured to again perform a Showcase concert.