APRIL 2021

Our ONE WEEK AT A TIME is no longer online weekly at teachband101. All the information for ONE WEEK AT A TIME is now on the festival web page under ONE WEEK AT A TIME. Please check this out for all sorts of helpful videos. This month we have added in the Distance Learning section “The History of the Bari Sax in Jazz” with Mark DeJong. Check this web page every month for new information added to ONE WEEK AT A TIME and for updated festival information.

As music educators the pandemic has made your job very difficult yet music teachers always seem to find a way to make things work for the students. It is gratifying to see how teachers are working together to help each other. Just remember that this is not forever and we will get out of this. We may never get back to exactly what we had before, but our hope is we will once again have thriving music programs that may even be stronger in some ways.

Stay well!

Willie Connell

Executive Director