Protest Singing, Part 2: We Shall Overcome

Choral Fixation

Choral Fixation is a great choral podcast. They have a 3 part series on protest songs.In volume 2 they are exploring the history of the song We Shall Overcome which is one of the most sung protest songs of all time.

If You Can Speak, You Can Sing!

Zimfira Poloz

Choirs Ontario hosts a wonderful session on Vocal Technique featuring the world renowned Zimfira Poloz, artistic director of the Hamilton Children’s Choir. This free event will take place over Zoom on Saturday, March 20th at 3 PM EST. Register Online

Non-Rehearsal Strategies and Community Building

American Choral Directors Association

Shared from the Florida chapter of American Choral Directors Association  Do you know your students and your environment? What do they need and what do they respond to? Creating a safe and inviting atmosphere is so important in the everyday walk of a music educator whether you are working with public or private school students … Read more

Using the Pandemic to Unlock Creativity

Elektra Women's Choir

The International Choral Bulletin – Jan 15, 2021 It is now undeniable that there will be a ‘new normal’ in the post-pandemic choral world. For many, the pre-Covid choral tradition was familiar, comfortable and secure, but, as time may show, it may have been limited in its vision and purpose. The pandemic has provided us … Read more

The Big COVID Survival Doc

The Bridge Choral Collective

I found this living Google document called The Big COVID Survival Doc with all kinds of tips and tricks. It has some fine contributions by Kevin T. Padworski who is teaching grades 6-12. There are TONS of great ideas here.