New Westminster Senior Vocal Jazz Ensembles | New Westminster, BC

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New Westminster Senior Vocal Jazz Ensembles

Basic Pitches and Quintessential Tetradecagons

This showcase will feature the two senior vocal jazz ensembles from New Westminster Secondary. The school is the only secondary school in New Westminster, a city located on the Fraser River south-east of Vancouver’s city centre. The NWSS Music Department is well-known for its outstanding jazz ensembles and infectious, fun performances.

The first vocal jazz ensemble, Basic Pitches, are a bunch of fun, energetic vocalists that are embracing the high school years by being easily the coolest bunch at NWSS. They believe that anyone who does not appreciate jazz music is needs some education. The Basic Pitches adore more than anything Starbucks lattes, small dogs that fit into purses, and as well as anything that can fit and look cool in a mason jar.

The second NWSS vocal jazz ensemble is Quintessential Tetradecagons. The QT is an eclectic ensemble of majestic creatures from various mystical and arguably genetically engineered sources that somehow managed to produce the euphonius array of sound waves that you will experience. They have learned to love the close sounds of vocal jazz music and they have, even more so, learned to love each other by practicing and singing together.

NWSS is so excited to have the opportunity to share their music with others at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival.


Saturday, April 25, 2015 | Room 122/4

  • 7:30 PM