Campbell Collegiate Chamber Choir | Regina, SK

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Campbell Collegiate Chamber Choir

The Campbell Collegiate Chamber Choir is comprised of students in Grades 10 – 12 committed to serving our community through music.

What our students have to say about their involvement in choir:

“Chamber choir is like a break for me from the rest of my life. It allows me to forget about everything else and get lost in the quality of the repertoire that we do. It’s like an emotional recharge.”

“Music is an essential element of life! Chamber is a perfect way to build friendships, strengthen our school community and give back to society through the fine arts.”

“Being involved in Choir and Chamber Choir has allowed me to further explore what I love (music) and learn to understand it even more.”

“The music program gives a sense of belonging unlike any other, it teaches skills useful in all aspects of life in a way that is interesting and creative.”

“It is the power of voices coming together to create something incredibly meaningful and beautiful. Every individual must do their part, but coming together, we can contribute and be a part of something larger than ourselves”

As teachers, it is an incomparable privilege to be able to share in the journey of all our young musicians.

The Campbell Music Department Mission Statement

Consideration:          we will care for, respect and support each other.
Commitment:            we are determined to meet and exceed expectations in all musical and personal challenges.
Charity:                      we will serve others in our school and our community.

Friday, April 22, 2016:  7:45 PM | Rolston Hall  | Tickets are still available.